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TMCNet:  Magnolia, the enterprise content management system releases Magnolia CORE 5.5 in addition to Magnolia NOW, a highly scalable cloud-based offering.

[November 15, 2016]

Magnolia, the enterprise content management system releases Magnolia CORE 5.5 in addition to Magnolia NOW, a highly scalable cloud-based offering.

Magnolia, the enterprise content management system (CMS) vendor, has released Magnolia CORE 5.5 in addition to Magnolia NOW, a highly scalable cloud-based offering. The latest release allows businesses to build personalized experiences in simple, scalable and efficient ways. With Magnolia NOW, developers can deliver new features in just hours.

Magnolia NOW provides an agile, enterprise-grade CMS delivered as a convenient cloud-based service. It enables businesses to build and launch new projects within days, without any IT support. It offers hosting, continuous delivery and enterprise-level deployment processes in a single package.

With the 5.5 release, Magnolia’s on-premise product has a new name: Magnolia CORE, an enterprise CMS built for demanding multi-channel, multi-language and multi-site digital experience scenarios. It is the same flexible, robust and integration-ready system that many renowned brand names rely on today.

“Magnolia helps enterprises manage their entire digital presence from one flexible platform, and they can now choose between Magnolia on premise or in the cloud,” said Pascal Mangold, Magnolia CEO and co-founder. “By introducing Magnolia NOW, we are building on our flagship CORE product, giving businesses an easy and hassle-free way to get results fast. This allows them to deploy faster, while reducing their total costs.” Magnolia CORE 5.5 makes it easier for marketers to create personalized web experiences. Additional component personalization features let them personalize parts of pages or entire pages. With small changes, they can make sure that they show relevant content to visitors in an extremely scalable way. This allows them to focus on producing campaigns driven by date, location and demographics.

“Magnolia CORE 5.5 is our strongest release to date,” said Jan Haderka, Magnolia CTO. “We’ve tightened the nuts and bolts and packed a whole set of power tools into it. CORE 5.5 offers component personalization out of the box without requiring additional configuration or setup. Magnolia CORE 5.5 runs on Java 8 to benefit from the platform’s latest improvements and security features, but light modules mean that front-end developers do not even need to know Java. This makes implementations much faster to set up.” The new release allows developers to deliver new sites faster and at reduced costs. Magnolia CORE 5.5 lets them: set up new development environments and module stubs with a single command; reduce code duplication; gain more control with the new Definitions app and JCR Browser app, and more.

Content authors can look forward to a more efficient and convenient experience, including: the ability to easily move copy around; improved accessibility, user interface improvements and an app switcher that makes it faster to move through apps.

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