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TMCNet:  Cloud Intelligence: Towards an Augmented Form of AI

[September 13, 2017]

Cloud Intelligence: Towards an Augmented Form of AI

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Bill Huang, founder and CEO of CloudMinds Inc., who was also one of the first experts engaged by China's "Thousand Talents Program", has made the observation several times in his speeches at major domestic and international technology events that "the development of intelligent robots will lead the fourth industrial revolution", adding that cloud intelligence is the inevitable direction of robot development.

CloudMinds has developed a DATA controller between the cloud brain and devices connected to the brain, which not only has the basic functions of a phone but also supports comprehensive hardware and software customization, thereby representing a significant milestone in the development o cloud-connected intelligent devices.

By "cloud intelligence", he means "putting intelligence onto the cloud".

The human brain is comprised of cerebral neurons numbered in the hundreds of billions, and if it were to be machine-simulated, it would require electronic components with a combined volume one million times the human brain, and it is impractical and indeed unnecessary to put this massive "machine brain" on the shoulders of a robot. Unlike a traditional standalone robot, which processes tasks locally, a cloud-connected intelligent robot is one whose processing unit (something of a cognitive system) is on the cloud. It is connected in real time to the cloud, which receives and processes its sensor (hearing, vision, touch, etc.) data and instructs its actions. One million robots can be connected to the same cloud, where a skill acquired by one robot is instantly acquired by all other robots in the same network, forming a system capable of self-updating and improvement.

As the world's first operators of cloud-connected intelligent robots, CloudMinds is working to build a "cloud, network and device" operating platform for the R&D of a HARI (Human-Augmented-Robotics-Intelligence) architecture to provide VPC (virtual private cloud) based intelligent services. It will leverage SDN (software-defined network), SDP (software-defined perimeter), and blockchain technologies to provide high-speed secure network services. It will also develop "DATA" devices connecting and controlling cloud-connected robots to activate and configure robots through AI applications installed on the cloud.

Robots thus empowered by and connected to the cloud can provide humans with diversified intelligent services and complete wide-ranging tasks, and will one day enter households as cute and able assistants to humans.

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