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Dell EMC Selects AQrate for Open Networking Multi-Gig Switches

January 30, 2017

In October 2015, shockwaves pulsed throughout the networking world with Dell’s acquisition of EMC. The deal tripled Dell’s size, creating a new industry Goliath primed and poised to accelerate the software-defined, open source revolution at hand. A key component of today’s digital transformation is multi-gigabit Ethernet, with Dell EMC having its pick of the litter for partner solutions.

After deliberation, Dell EMC selected the Aquantia Multi-Gig AQrate PHY products for its N-series suite of open networking campus switches.

According to Aquantia, copper cables make up 90 percent of the installed cables in today’s larger networking environments, like enterprise and campus environments for instance. These legacy infrastructures were not built with the bandwidth needs of today in mind. Unfortunately, they are only capable of supporting 1 Gigabit Ethernet, a far cry from the Multi-Gig Ethernet requirements of today.

"Digital transformation and the increasing reliance on wireless networks creates a real need for next-generation network infrastructure," noted Jeffrey Baher, senior director, Product and Technical Marketing, Dell Networking. "Working with Aquantia, our goal is to help customers future proof investments by implementing higher-speed 2.5 and 5G Multi-Gig switch solutions with greater capabilities and confidence." 

The Multi-Gig Ethernet technology, pioneered by Aquantia and called AQrate by the company, supports speeds up to 5Gbit/s over 100m of Cat5e/Cat6 cables. To promote this Multi-Gig technology, Aquantia formed early on the NBASE-T Alliance together with Cisco and Intel, which totals now 45 members. The newly formed Alliance developed a blueprint for the technology, which shortly after was ratified an international standard by the IEEE. Thanks to its market and technology vision and working closely with its customers, Aquantia developed ahead of the curve to prevent bottleneck and bandwidth issues, providing for the required Multi-Gig Ethernet.

"Aquantia is honored to have the opportunity to work with Dell EMC and its new N-Series family of Open Networking campus switches," said Faraj Aalaei, Chairman and CEO of Aquantia. "By combining our AQrate technology with Dell EMC's Open Networking systems, we can help unlock unmatched choice and capability when it comes to end-user and campus networks. This design win is another example of Aquantia's traction in the rapidly expanding enterprise market, which further solidifies our position as a leading supplier of high-speed Ethernet connectivity solutions."

The ability to offer a modern network, capable of supporting the digital era and all the SaaSy-ness involved therein, is invaluable to an enterprise or campus environment. And as groups like the NBASE-T Alliance continue to charge ahead with innovation and development in furthering the digital transformation at hand, the future is bright for Multi-Gigabit Ethernet and a day where those Gigabit Ethernet ports on switches, WiFi APs and client PCs have been replaced with Multi-Gigabit Ethernet is not as far as many think.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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