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Mellanox's Network Adapter Means Safer Ethernet

February 17, 2017

Having a properly-working network is vital to everyday operations on a variety of fronts, and proper Ethernet access goes a good way toward providing that access. Recently, Mellanox Technologies brought out something new to help augment Ethernet operations, known as the Innova IPsec Network Adapter.

The Innova IPsec Network Adapter offers significant advantages for Ethernet users, including three times better throughput than a comparable software-based server version, and over four times better processor utilization. With the new network adapter, Mellanox can offer users better cryptography capabilities as well as improvements in network speed and performance, which is great for data center users.

With an Innova in place, reports note, users can get access to previously unseen levels of encryption—essentially allowing the network to run encryption continuously—while at the same time also getting access to some of the best results in network performance. The Innova system has actually been shown to, in at least some cases, lower data center expenses as much as 60 percent thanks to the improved performance involved. Since the Innova is also part of a larger line of tools—including the Innova Flex Intelligent Network Adapter—users will have a variety of solutions to work with to find the best overall package for a company's needs.

Mellanox Technologies' vice president of marketing Gilad Shainer commented, “The Innova security adapter product line enables the use of secure communications in a cost effective and a performant manner. Whether used within an appliance such as firewall or gateway, or as an intelligent adapter that ensures data-in-motion protection, Innova IPsec adapters are the ideal solution for cloud, Web 2.0, telecommunication, high-performance compute, storage systems and other applications.”

The increasing use of data centers—as well as the increased flow of data through these centers—has prompted some serious concerns about the safety of the data these centers contain. We've seen enough data breaches in the last couple of years to know that our data is nowhere near as safe as we'd like it to be, and taking steps to protect this is the way to go. Sometimes it can be as simple as a new network adapter, and considering all the value that Mellanox's Innova system has offered up so far, this could be the kind of thing that should be in every data center.

Protecting data is a valuable measure to keep customers using a service or sticking with a company. Mellanox's Innova line looks to offer plenty of protection, without sacrificing service quality, a point that could make it a big seller to come.

Edited by Alicia Young

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