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Comcast Gives Texas Schools Better Ethernet

March 02, 2017

With the right Ethernet capability on hand, there's no telling what we can do. Sure, we can use it to make sure we get the latest episode of Orange is the New Black, but we can also use it for research and measurement and marketing and a thousand other things. To get to that dizzying vista of opportunity, though, we need the right kind of infrastructure under us. Comcast Business recently offered that kind of infrastructure to Texas Southern University (TSU) with some new high-performance Ethernet systems.

Since TSU boasts around 9,000 students and 1,400 staff and faculty members—not to mention 80 different student organizations—it's clear that this is an organization with significant bandwidth needs, and high-end Ethernet capability will help deliver a lot of value. That was a point not lost on recently-appointed president Dr. Austin A. Lane, who knew that that level of user base was going to take a lot of connectivity to run at its peak.

Enter Comcast Business, who offered an array of Ethernet, high-speed Internet, and other network services to better connect staff, faculty and beyond. Network access tools came into play, along with mobile device management services—and let's be honest: there will be no shortage of mobile devices to manage on a college campus—and live streaming video and audio for classrooms, an excellent addition to distance learning options.

The meat of the upgrade came in a direct upgrade to the 150-acre campus, which previously was running on a 1 Gbps system. Impressive alone, but Comcast upgraded it substantially to a 10 Gbps Ethernet Dedicated Internet connection, which will give any one building on campus the same level of access that the entire campus itself had previously.

TSU's director of IT enterprise infrastructure Michael Boone commented “The improved bandwidth is a signification expansion of the campus’ network connectivity. We’re now able to enhance WiFi and mobility solutions for students by building administrative platforms that use private and public cloud, web-based solutions for curriculum hosting, recruiting, emergency notification and Microsoft Office 365.”

It's a powerful new upgrade by any stretch of the imagination, and will likely help drive a lot of forward innovation for the campus. Sure, it will also likely be used for a lot of World of Warcraft sessions, or maybe some Overwatch tournaments, but there will also be plenty of research going on as students and faculty alike craft papers, develop plans, and in general advance discourse.

It's the great nature of Ethernet connectivity as we know it these days; as valuable in work as in play, it's the only way to drive an operation forward. Having enough of it is the key to success, and Comcast's upgrade should drive TSU to new heights as a result.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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