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Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Week in Review: Mellanox, NBASE-T, ARRIS & More

March 04, 2017

From utilizing your favorite SaaS application to your big sales presentation Monday morning, the network plays a vital role in empowering these operations. Unfortunately, far too many firms are limited by antiquated networks incapable of supporting the bandwidth requirements of today. Multi-gigabit Ethernet and network modernization provide the path to the level of performance required by your network. And, with the weekend upon us, there’s no better time than the present to take a look at the week that was in Multi-gigabit Ethernet: Time for the Week in Review!

NBASE-T news kicked off the week with a way to improve LAN performance without the need for cable upgrades. “Previously, a bandwidth upgrade would have required organizations to engage in costly, disruptive construction in order rip and replace their cables,” explains Peter Jones, chairman of the NBASE-T Alliance, in a recent blog. “But today, NBASE-T technology is helping them get more speed from their existing networks with a simple equipment upgrade.” TMC’s Paula Bernier has everything you need to know HERE.

ARRIS has been a busy bee on the acquisition front in recent times. Following Broadcom’s Brocade acquisition, last month ARRIS purchased the Ruckus Wireless and ICX business from Brocade. The addition allows ARRIS to augment its wired and wireless networking portfolio. All the details are HERE.

Records are meant to be broken, and Mellanox echoed this sentiment this week as its ConnectX-5 Ethernet network interface card (NIC) set a new speed record. Utilizing the Data Path Development Kit (DPDK), the NIC reached a speed of 126 million packets per second (Mpps) worth of forwarding capabilities. TMC’s Steve Anderson gets into the nitty-gritty of the achievement HERE.

Everything is bigger in Texas – it’s somewhat of an unofficial state motto. Pretty soon that may be extended to faster, as well. This week, Texas Southern University received a serious Ethernet performance upgrade from Comcast business. With the new high-performing Ethernet system in place, the campus can enjoy a 10 Gbps Ethernet Dedicated Internet Connection – more than enough multi-gigabit Ethernet to go around. Complete coverage of the Ethernet implementation is HERE.

Remember to stop by early and often for all things multi-gig Ethernet. See you next week!

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