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Aquantia Adds Arrow as Newest Distributor

March 06, 2017

Continuing its quest to conquer the “Billion Ethernet Port Opportunity,” Aquantia is quickly expanding market presence, which serves to quench multi-gigabit Ethernet demand with its high-performing solutions. Touting a portfolio that provides high-speed Ethernet connectivity solutions for the enterprise and data center, Aquantia added a new distribution partner today in the form of Arrow Electronics.

“Aquantia's portfolio of high-speed connectivity solutions is a fantastic addition to Arrow's line card, particularly for our customers and resellers innovating in smart, connected technology and the internet of things,” said Murdoch Fitzgerald, vice president of supplier marketing at Arrow. “Arrow looks forward to collaborating with Aquantia to integrate its advanced connectivity solutions into cutting-edge product designs and enterprise infrastructure, and to support the company's continued growth and market expansion.”

Serving on the frontline of Ethernet innovation is Aquantia, as over the past 10 years it has worked toward addressing the exponentially growing network demands. In putting Aquantia’s high-speed connectivity integrated circuits to work, enterprise and data center developers take the next step and Ethernet is accelerated. First, from 1Gb to 10 Gb and moving toward 100Gb Ethernet and multi-gigabit Ethernet, Aquantia is enabling the level of connectivity required today and is capable of supporting the demands of tomorrow.   

“Aquantia is committed to advancing high-speed connectivity silicon by providing the highest performance, lowest power consumption and smallest footprint of any competing product available in the market,” said Kamal Dalmia, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing at Aquantia. “Arrow is one of the largest distributors worldwide serving more than 125,000 customers.  Our agreement with Arrow is a key part of our overall growth strategy.”

In partnering with Arrow, Aquantia’s complete portfolio of connectivity solutions is more easily accessible to enterprise and mid-market resellers. Arrow takes great pride in providing products and solutions that guide the next innovation, and with Aquantia, has gained a partner second to none in the provision of connectivity.

As more firms find it difficult to continue with legacy copper in place, modernization is no longer an option. Enter the era of Multi-gigabit Ethernet; employees will thank you, and the bottom line will see the benefit. Arrow should be able to point you in a direction…

Are you part of the Multi-gigabit Ethernet era?

Edited by Alicia Young

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