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Zyxel Communications Makes Ethernet a Wall Plug Away

March 14, 2017

Ever try to use the Internet in a hotel room? It can be a challenge to say the least; I once didn't have the right cable to plug into a jack in my room so I was using the lobby Wi-Fi all night, which was more than a bit of a challenge. Zyxel Communications, meanwhile, may have a solution for those looking for an Ethernet connection in a hotel room or similar hospitality industry apparatus: the WAC5302D-S 802.11ac Wall Plate Unified Access Point.

The new wall plate from Zyxel offers a novel concept: a combination wired and wireless networking system that can be installed in a wall plate and easily mounted in most any hotel room or similar location. Containing an enterprise-grade 802.11ac access point, as the name suggests, with new smart antenna advancements along with some new developments in beamforming, the new system makes it easier to get a connection that can offer support for speeds up to 1.2 Gbps. It also packs in three separate Gigabit Ethernet ports and a power-over-Ethernet (PoE) port.

In turn, the Zyxel system provides a valuable way for not only guests to connect, but also for hotels and the like to provide new connected services

Image via Zyxel Communications

in guests' rooms, like smart television and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, all thanks to one handy Ethernet connection point. Since it's easily deployed—like installing a new power outlet faceplate—it makes for an easy means to connect a room without having to run a lot of extra cable.

Hotel guests these days expect Wi-Fi coverage as part of a hotel stay. Given how many travel for business, and how many on top of that travel for pleasure, it's not a surprise that hotels would be looking for a way to readily augment their Ethernet connectivity and Wi-Fi coverage from there. People need the connection for work, want the connection for fun, and those who don't provide risk losing out to those who do. A wall outlet faceplate is a great way to do this; not only is it unobtrusive, but it doesn't require any more space taken up for infrastructure considerations. Most hotel rooms already aren't the zenith of free space available, so anything that provides more services without taking up extra space is likely a welcome development.

More service without extra space; that's the basic principle behind the Zyxel system, and it's a point that a lot of hotels will likely get behind pretty readily. If they don't, after all, there will likely be plenty that do. No business can afford to run afoul of the competition for long.

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