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Comcast Draws New Customers With Powerful Ethernet

April 12, 2017

Comcast Business has been frantically adding new customers for ongoing growth in The Battery Atlanta, which is approaching its opening day, reports note. This major new operation—home not only to the Atlanta Braves' new ballpark but also to a mixed-use development—will provide some significant new connectivity capability, and with that in mind, it's no wonder some major names are flocking to the Comcast Business banner.

With the new additions come such names as the Omni Hotel, the Coca-Cola Roxy Theater, and Mizuno USA, seeking to take advantage of the staggering potential posed by Comcast Business' powerful connectivity. Not only did the company install two 100 Gbps Ethernet lines—the pair of which actually went live last month—but also brought in a supplementary 320 Wi-Fi access points to join the 800 points already found within SunTrust Park.

Covering an area of around 60 acres total, Comcast will be putting its Ethernet muscle to work offering not only high-speed Internet service, but also video and voice communications to the facility. It won't just be for a ballpark, either, but also for restaurants and retail shops surrounding the park, along with an office tower, a hotel, and a slate of residential units along with an entertainment venue.  Comcast itself will even have facilities on hand, with a development that will host more than 1,000 employees.

Michelle Pluskota, Comcast's vice president of business services, commented, “We’re not only seeing a surge in customers within the complex who are signing on, but in the surrounding area as well, where there’s been an uptick in economic growth and more commercial customers telling us they want to take advantage of this remarkable network that we’re building.”

This is great news for the region, as Comcast's new offerings will likely drive plenty of users into the facility to take advantage of greater connectivity. Yet this is actually no less than Comcast must do to survive; with 5G access just over the horizon, Comcast needs to lay the groundwork now for the very real potential of “fiber without the fiber” access going nationwide.  Comcast desperately needs to catch users up in sheer inertia, unwilling to bear the temporary hardships of making a switch by offering high-quality connectivity now. If it doesn't, that just improves the likelihood of customers going to 5G when it comes out.

Given that 5G may be the underpinning of Google's future moves in this area, it's easy to see why Comcast wants to get as many customers as possible in the fold now. With Ethernet options like these on hand, it may well do just that. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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