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Pulse Electronics Offers New Ethernet Advances

April 27, 2017

Multi-gigabit Ethernet can be a great thing, a way to advance a business' capabilities ahead through some of the best in connectivity around. It only goes so far, however, especially if users are stuck at lower-grade connectivity thanks to poor downstream equipment. That's a point Pulse Electronics wants to remedy with its new line of integrated connector modules (ICMs) specifically geared toward a multi-gigabit Ethernet environment.

With Pulse's new ICMs, users get access to NBase-T compliant systems, which means better speeds on current Cat5e and Cat6 networks for distances up to 100 meters, especially for those systems running between one and five gigabits. Better yet, the ICMs meet current IEEE802.3bz specifications, and will even work within 100 / 1000Base-T specifications as well for added flexibility.

The new ICMs also work to take many common mode noise issues out of the picture, and improve overall signal integrity to produce a better experience. It also acts as a means to prevent voltage surge damage, which is always a possibility even with a modern electrical grid. With through-hole technology to offer wave soldering and the ability to withstand solder reflow temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius—the solder does need to be lead-free, of course—these UL approved, RoHS compliant systems offer maximum capability with their sheer flexibility.

Users will be able to choose from single port, as well as four, eight, 12, and 16-port versions. These ship in trays, and are currently running at high volume production levels to ensure good supply.

Senior product manager for the Pulse Electronics network business unit Muhammad Khan commented, “Pulse ICMs are compatible for current and voltage mode PHYs and are qualified at major PHY vendors including Aquantia, Broadcom, and Marvell. Pulse parts have multiple LED options, have options to support Power over Ethernet, and are compliant with IEEE802.3af (PoE) and IEEE802.3at (PoE+) standards.”

These are versatile connection systems that can work in a variety of use cases and overall network landscapes. That's good news for anyone who wants to get the most out of these tools, and when it comes to multi-gigabit Ethernet, that's just about everybody who has such a system in place. Better connectivity opens up new options in collaboration and communications, as well as facilitates a mobile workforce which has benefits all its own.

Taking advantage of better-quality connection gear is just a smart idea, and Pulse Electronics is offering some powerful new tools in connectivity. There should be a lot of room for companies to put these to use, and in the process, make Pulse that much greater a supplier in the eyes of many companies out there.

Edited by Alicia Young

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