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Multi-gigabit Ethernet Week in Review: Dell, NBASE-T, Aquantia & More

April 29, 2017

Ferris Bueller famously used the line, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Truer words have never been spoken – especially from a high school senior. Similarly, in Multi-gigabit Ethernet, momentum is building rather fast, and the news is coming at a fever pitch. So, with the weekend upon us, there’s no better time than the present to take a look at the week that was in Multi-gigabit Ethernet: Time for the Week in Review!

Dell led off the news this week with the reveal of its new multi-gigabit Ethernet switches, putting the power of multi-gigabit Ethernet to both wired and wireless LAN. Both the N3132PX and N2128Px offerings support 802.11ac access points as well as up to 5G bandwidth on both Cat5e and Cat6 cables. All the details of the release are HERE.

NBASE-T is making its presence felt in multi-gigabit Ethernet. Seeing the ‘billion Ethernet opportunity’ with arms wide open, it is aiming to enable an era of network modernization. By incubating collaboration and creating standards, NBASE-T is laser-focused on driving 2.5G and 5G multi-gigabit Ethernet solutions. At Interop ITX, a number of group members will be putting their wares on display as a testament to where the space is, and how easy network modernization can be. Everything you need to know is HERE.  

One of the driving forces of the NBASE-T Alliance, Aquantia is one of the first vendors in the market to introduce multi-gigabit products to the market, providing chips capable of easily enabling 2.5G and 5G Ethernet. Aquantia’s AQC107 and AQ108 serve as shining examples of its innovation, taking on a small form factor, and the scalability and versatility to bounce to a higher bandwidth. TMC’s Laura Stotler delves deeper into the multi-gigabit maestro HERE.

The week rounded out with the news that Pulse Electronics is offering a new line of integrated connector modules (ICMs) specifically geared toward a multi-gigabit Ethernet environment. TMC’s Steve Anderson has the full story, writing, “With Pulse's new ICMs, users get access to NBase-T compliant systems, which means better speeds on current Cat5e and Cat6 networks for distances up to 100 meters, especially for those systems running between one and five gigabits.” Find out some of the other benefits HERE.

Remember to stop by early and often for all things multi-gigabit Ethernet. See you next week!

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Featured Product Briefs

AQrate Gen2 Multi-Gigabit Ethernet PHY

The Aquantia® AQrate® AQR809 is the world's only octal-port, multi-gigabit (2.5GBASE-T/1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX) Ethernet PHY in the industry.

AQtion Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Controller

The Aquantia® AQC107 is a high-performance, PCIe to multi-gigabit (10GBASE-T/ 5GBASE-T/2.5GBASE-T/1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX) Ethernet Controller.

SFP+ Multi-Gigabit Ethernet modules

The Aquantia AQS-107 SFP+ module offers 10GBASE-T connectivity option for a system that has a built-in SFP+ port and lacks an integrated 10G copper port.