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Aquantia Augments Asian Market Presence with WPI

May 31, 2017

Connectivity is the straw that stirs the business beverage, but more so than simply having connectivity it is mission critical to have multi-gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Network demands are mounting, and point blank, legacy solutions won’t cut the mustard. Modernization does not require ripping out legacy infrastructure and starting from scratch, making high-speed Ethernet connectivity a quick and painless process away.

Sitting on the fore of the multi-gigabit movement is Aquantia, a pioneer in the space and founding member of the NBASE-T Alliance. And, this week the high-speed Ethernet enabler announced a new partnership with World Peace Industrial Group (WPI), which will immediately enlarge Aquantia’s footprint in Asia.

The partnership pairs the largest Asian distributor of semiconductor components with the full portfolio Aquantia provides – including its two most recent NIC cards, unveiled recently.

“The Aquantia portfolio of high-speed connectivity solutions is a strong line for WPI, and we are particularly pleased to introduce the new AQtion NICs in Asia after having received such a positive reception following their recent launch,” said IJ Hsu, Executive Vice President of Marketing at WPI. “WPI looks forward to extending its collaboration with Aquantia to make all of the company's products available to IT professionals, resellers, technology enthusiasts, and other consumers in China, India, Southeast Asia and Taiwan.”

In addition to an added regional market presence, WPI will offer value-added services like turnkey customer solutions, support, warehousing, demand creation, etc. From meeting many needs of modern OEMs, ODMS and electrical manufacturing services, to enterprises and small businesses.

“Aquantia is committed to proliferating true Multi-Gig capabilities across data centers, enterprise infrastructure and most recently for client connectivity platforms including PCs,” said Kamal Dalmia, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aquantia Corp. “WPI is playing a crucial role in helping Aquantia reach the IT decision makers and performance users in Asia who look for the best in networking technology whether it's for their gaming desktop at home or a product design center.”

Modernizing your network need not be an excruciating task, as there are solutions available capable of migrating operations into our multi-gigabit world before you can say Ethernet – well, maybe not that fast, but you catch my drift. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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