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Equus Announces Availability of Purley Servers

July 13, 2017

Equus Compute Solutions has come out with a variety of new servers based on the Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family, also known as Purley. The company says these offerings represent a leap forward in compute, memory, network, security and storage.

Among the new Purley servers Equus is offering are the M2098Q-2U4N, the M2099Q-2U4N, the R2096Q-2U and the R2097Q-Full models.

The M2098Q-2U4N is a rack mount 2U solution with four nodes. It has dual Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs per node, 2TB DDR4 memory per node, 3x 3.5 SAS/SATA drives per node, on-board Broadcom drive controllers, and 2200W redundant power supplies.

The M2099Q-2U4N is also a four-node, 2U rackmount solution with dual Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs per node and 2TB DDR4 memory per node. It also has on-board Broadcom drive controllers and 2200W redundant power supplies. But unlike the M2098Q-2U4N, the M2099Q-2U4N features 6x 2.5 SAS/SATA drives per node.

The R2096Q-2U, meanwhile, is a rackmount 2U solution with dual Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs, 2TB DDR4 memory (Optane Support), 8x SAS/SATA drives, 2x 10GBase-T Ethernet, 4x PCIe 3.0 x16 (LP) slots, and 1000W redundant power supplies.

And the R2097Q-Full is a tower that stands 25.5 x17.2 x 7 inches. It has dual Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs, 2TB DDR4 memory, 8x 3.5 SAS/SATA drives, 2x 10GBase-T Ethernet, 4x PCIe 3.0 x16 (LP) slots, and 1200W redundant power supplies.

"We look forward to helping resellers, software vendors, and service providers understand how to leverage this new technology in their business and realize tangible benefits from these new Intel CPUs using our custom cost-effective solutions," said Costa Hasapopoulos, president of Equus Compute Solutions. The company customizes white box servers and storage solutions to meet the requirements of customers and distribution partners seeking software-defined solutions.

A March article by The Register said Cisco’s share of the server market is slipping and Chinese vendors and white box manufacturers are gaining ground.  

Edited by Alicia Young

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