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NEXCOM Launches 100 GigE LAN Modules

July 18, 2017

NEXCOM has come out with a new family of 100 gigabit Ethernet local area network modules that it says boost performance without drastically increasing total cost of ownership for data centers and telecommunications companies. Those solutions are called the NC 220Q28M and the NC 220Q28M2.

The NC 220Q28M and the NC 220Q28M2 deliver 88 million packets per second throughput. They support multi-host configuration and network virtualization acceleration. And hardware-based I/O virtualization and network overlay protocols are supported for software-defined infrastructure.

They are fabricated with low-loss baseboard materials, feature low-reflection coaxial vias, and have capacitors to suppress simultaneous switching noise for improved signal integrity. And the NC 220Q28M has a PCIe 3.0 x16 interface. The NC 220Q28M2, however, has two PCIe 3.0 x8 interfaces.

NEXCOM is a 25-year-old company out of Taipei, Taiwan. It has six global businesses. That includes IoT Automation solutions, Intelligent Digital Security, Internet of Things, Intelligent Platform & Services, Mobile Computing Solutions, and Network and Communication Solutions.

According to Crehan Research, half of the Ethernet switches in data centers will be 25 or 1000 gigabit per second Ethernet ones by 2021.

"25GbE and 100GbE data center switch adoption is already experiencing exponential growth, with port shipments currently in the hundred-of-thousands per quarter," Seamus Crehan, president of Crehan Research, said, as reported by Lightwave. "Volumes would likely be even higher if it weren't for pockets of supply constraints in certain areas, such as the optical transceivers that uplink and connect many of these switches."

Meanwhile, Cliff Grossner, research director and advisor for the data center research practice at IHS Markit, recently commented: "In a recent IHS Markit report, we discovered that 25GE ports are expected to represent 31 percent of adapter ports shipped by 2021. The introduction of 25GbE adapters targeting cloud, telco NFV, and enterprise specific use cases are an important and timely event advancing the networking market, driving new opportunity."

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