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EndaceProbe Ensures Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Monitoring

January 10, 2018

Network modernization is must in the multi-gigabit Ethernet era. With bandwidth hungry applications driving business, operations are either full steam ahead or two steps behind. Faced with this decision, your enterprise upgrades to 10GbE Ethernet, but what about network monitoring? Can your network monitoring solution keep up?

This week, Endace announced EndaceProbe EP-124 Network Analytics Platform. The new solution was developed to support up to 40GbE infrastructure, and aimed at delivering branch offices the ability to efficiently and effectively monitor network performance.

In specific, the EndaceProbe EP-124 is a fully SSD-based, compact and high performing solution promising to provide network recording and analytics hosting for branch office running networks of up to 10GbE. And, because it is capable of supporting up to 40GbE networks, with its deployment comes network future-proofing.

The move to higher network speeds need not be a herculean task, with the new EP-124 in place, IT teams gain a built-in Application Dock hosting environment that enables virtual hosting of performance and security analytics tools.

Available at the time of this writing, EP-124 is ready to provide peace of mind for IT departments around the world. While the cries for faster network performance grow louder, no longer is monitoring on the list of worries.

Leveraging DAG data capture card data technology for absolute accuracy, and offering up to four Ethernet monitoring ports and nearly 4 TB of storage, the EP-124 offers a lot in a small form factor.

Endace's Vice President Product Management, Cary Wright, noted, "When migrating to higher speed LAN infrastructure, you don't want your performance or security monitoring tools to stop working because they can't cope with 10GbE. The EP-124 provides great future proofing. It's the perfect branch office platform to record network packet history and run your choice of virtual monitoring tools in one compact and high-performance appliance."

Network performance drives operations, so while migrating to multi-gigabit Ethernet it’s mission critical to ensure network monitoring tools are up to the task.

How does your organization monitor your multi-gigabit Ethernet?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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