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Multi-gigabit Ethernet Week in Review: Linksys, Acer, Ethernet Alliance & More

January 13, 2018

Network requirements are growing at a rapid rate. Thanks to a growing IoT presence, our SaaSy reality and digital transformation (in general), more is demanded of networks than ever before. This is driving a movement toward network modernization and multi-gigabit Ethernet. And, with the weekend upon us, there’s no better time than the present to take a look back at the week that was in Multi-gigabit Ethernet news: Time for the Week in Review!

Linksys is doubling down on high performance gaming with this week’s release of the WRT32XB. It was developed specifically for Xbox One, and the Linksys Gaming Router joins the WRT32X in the WRT family of solutions. "With more than $33 billion spent on console gaming this past year, these gamers expect to have the best gaming experience possible," said Vince La Duca, global product manager at Linksys. "The new WRT32XB gaming router helps provide Xbox gamers with another tool in their arsenal to get an advantage over other players.  We are committed to giving gamers the performance they want to beat their opponents." All the details are HERE.

Speaking of gaming, Acer recently announced the arrival of the Nitro 5 gaming laptop. Developed for the casual gamer, yet capable of supporting of number of connectivity options, and delivers a plethora of performance features. Find the full story HERE.

The multi-gigabit Ethernet era is upon us, and recently the Ethernet Alliance applauded the approval of the IEEE 802.3bs standard. John D’Ambrosia, chairman of the Ethernet Alliance and senior principal engineer at Huawei, explained, “The exceptional effort resulting in the completion of this standard is only the start of the industry’s investment in the networks of tomorrow.” TMC’s Paula Bernier brings you complete insight and analysis HERE.

This week, Endace announced EndaceProbe EP-124 Network Analytics Platform. The new solution was developed to support up to 40GbE infrastructure, and aimed at delivering branch offices the ability to efficiently and effectively monitor network performance. Endace's Vice President Product Management, Cary Wright, noted, "When migrating to higher speed LAN infrastructure, you don't want your performance or security monitoring tools to stop working because they can't cope with 10GbE. The EP-124 provides great future proofing.” Complete coverage is HERE.

Remember to stop by early and often for all things multi-gigabit Ethernet. See you next week!

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